domenica 28 agosto 2011

Vintage Me Over!

Ah, nothing better than a bit of vintage to fool yourself into believing that you can actually look a bit like Alexa Chung, if you try really – REALLY – hard.
But the question is always there: what to buy, when you find yourself in a sea full of fishes of every color, every form and every age, better known as Marché aux Puces, that – let’s be honest – can look scaring to the faint of heart?
Me, I am like a cat, I walk around pretending not to care, then when I find something that screams my name I stop and start (virtually) shaking my derrière in excitement, preparing to attack.
It is not easy, people, be prepared: there are a lot of fashionistas out there, and it is cold and windy (at least Bruxelles is), and it is a hit or miss, basically, but it is all worth it. I promise.
I ventured myself this morning, after seeing a gorgeus dress with a sixty’s vibe on her, where her is still Alexa, of course (a slight obsession going on there, I am aware). Since I am not in the delightful position of spending money on a new Luella’s wardrobe, I thought I could try my luck at the Marché aux Puces. 
My finds: a Christian Dior leather glove – just one, but I am positive the other one is somewhere in the world waiting for my hand, I just have to keep on searching. Besides, even the girls in Little Women could go to balls with only one glove, I am sure I can get away with it no prob.
A furry brown hat, perfect to embarasse that austere boyfriend of mine.
A Chungesque shirt, of which I am very proud, and that I’ll try on as soon as it will stop to smell. It even came with a flower that you are supposed to wear on the neck. “Encore plus jolie madame comme ça”, according to the seller, who spoke a french worse than mine.
And, last but not least, a pair of daisy earrings, since we are still waiting for the spring, here in Belgium.

So, I did not splash out too much, mainly because I have a mother who is THE Marché aux Puces itself. Where everything smells already just like home and it does not cost a cent. Plus, everything you see it usually has an history that concerns you too, and the moment when your mum smiles and starts recalling is when you have the time of making the item disappear. Live and learn.
So, people, get your hands dirty, whether in a huge smelly pile full of fleas or in a much more organised mother’s wardrobe. I bet you’ll be so pleased with your finds you’ll even forget the lack of resemblance with Alexa. (I think I might have a problem with that woman..)

For infos:

Vintage trench happily stolen from my mum's wardrobe

My mum's bags, that had been perfect for 40 years before meeting me.

6 commenti:

angela ha detto...

non ferrata sull'inglese ma mi è piaciuto un sacco!!

justpowderingmynose ha detto...

:) grazie babe x

willy ha detto...

daisy earrings?? E questi??!/photo.php?fbid=149236260227&set=a.10150261171565228.492772.543585227&type=1&theater

- Il Grillo Parlante -
Picture of the Christian Dior leather glove, please.

justpowderingmynose ha detto...

quelli si sono persi nel prato! ;)

willy ha detto...

Fortunata chi li ritrova alllora... ti perdono il furry hat, vale la regola del "tanto è morto negli anni '60"... :)

justpowderingmynose ha detto...

(erano stati comprati, tra l'altro, nello stesso marchè aux puces! quella che si chiama reiterazione del delitto, credo..)