domenica 11 settembre 2011

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Let's start from the beginning. Something old would definitely be hearing the same stories again and again, seeing a friend down in a hole losing control (but with a much more refined sense of style than the famous band that made us all nod heads in the Nineties), and knowing there's not much that you can do. Now, this might sound a little presumptuous, but I am pretty sure my friends are the best around. Then again, everybody must feel the same way, so I guess I could be forgiven. Anyways, my point is that seeing them abused, or misjudged, or alone when in fact they should be admired as Tiffany diamonds, makes me sick.
 Sometimes it feels like it is all a matter of fashion. Now, please don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in fashion, in fact I'd love to have more fashion and less rain, at least here in Belgium, but what I mean is that I have the impression that there is quite an obsession for cheapness, inside and outside. (Now I really do sound presumptuous!) Too much plastic, too much all the same, too much loafers, too much Kardashians. There's already three of them, enough!
Are differences that frightening? Is depth that boring? Is commitment that hard? Someone once told me it's just more to love. 
Equally old, but with much more right to be (if we do not consider the feet's opinion), are an old pair of boots I had forgotten all about. Tall, with that Seventies vibe (probably because it is the decade in which they saw the light) and brick red, will be perfect for our rusty Autumn/Winter 2011. Finding pieces in my wardrobe that fit perfectly the fashion season makes me happy. Talking about depth, that is.
Something new must definitely be individual false lashes. Mines are by e.l.f., and I basically bought them because they were only one euro and, surtout, because Louise Roe loves them. Since I love her and now I love them too, there's hope one day she'll love me, and we'll live a life full of gin tonics and fawn eyes.
One thing I borrowed, where borrowed is probably not the right word but we'll go with it, are some indian jewellery holders, that I actually use for my make up. I must say it took a while before they stopped smelling like the end of the world, but now they are perfect, nice and shiny on the coiffeuse, and the offspring finds them already quite attractive. The genes, blame the genes. 
Something blue has to be the marvellous Arty Oval Ring by YSL. In fact, it is not just blue, it comes in many different colors, or should I say with different stones, but the one I laid my heart on, is the one with the turquoise stone. I am not gonna say that Alexa Chung has them all, and that it is different from every other chunk ring I have ever seen. I am sure you all know it. Had I known about it before, I wouldn't have had to loose my sleep only to discovered that it is sold out everywhere. But I am full of resources, and have already started writing my letter to always generous Santa.

Balà, offspring version of voilà, I guess I am done.
(I am going to my sister's marriage in a week, hence the title.)

Vintage Boots

"Borrowed" jewellery holder 

THE one and only Arty Oval Ring with Turquoise Stone by YSL

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